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The roots of the Chardonnay grape lies in the village of Chardonnay in the heart of Burgundy, France. Planted worldwide with the most planted variety in Australia, Chardonnay has many faces. Despite of the great white wines from Burgundy it is the biggest role-player in the Chablis and a major component in the Champagne.
Varying from very mineral and bone dry, as in the Chablis it goes to very bold, vanilla and wood in some of the new world ones. This variety loves a little winter coldness, but can stand the heat of the South African sun. Don't expect big crops and the grape bunches are rather compact and hidden away in the canopy.

The Region: Grown and made on Mooi Bly farm in Paarl, these grapes are planted on the bottom end of the property. This spot gets hot Summer temperatures, but the coldest in Winter. Nestled on the slopes of The Du Toits Kloof Mountains we are able to pick our grapes at full ripeness.

The Vinification: Early morning hand harvested grapes are brought to the cellar and pressed as whole bunch, resulting in full aroma extraction. Settled for 2 days at a temperature of 2 degrees, The fresh juice started to ferment. 15% of the wine was fermented and aged in 225 liter oak barrels. This being a combination of: French, American and Romanian oak. After 4 months the final blend was made!

The Winemakers Notes:

Leesy pear, pineapple and a hint of banana on the nose, all of this complemented by the little tone of oak. On the palate: again the fruits within the aftertaste and a hint of the barrel aged wine lingering still for an extra couple of minutes.

The Optimal Drinkability:  Now or within 3 years

The food Match:  This Chardonnay will go well with curries, pork roast and other more spicy food. But please don’t forget a good piece of cheese like Gruyere and Emmenthal for a digestive after a nice meal!


mooi bly farm
Kleinbosch road
7646 Paarl
South Africa
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