Mooi Bly

self catering cottages    &    handcrafted wines


Advanced research is done before developing the farm, this to ensure the right rootstock/cultivars combination according to our soil types and position. On the farm, eco-friendly production is implemented. With correct vineyard management such as: pruning practices, tipping, scheduled irrigation, etc...we try to grow top quality fruits that finally result in a quality wine!.


Our dedicated team puts in all effort to create an honest product. The farm & cellar staff, 4 people, are all trained and supervised. This gives them the opportunity to learn and grow in their job. Regularly training and schooling for our staff are things that we committed ourselves to. This ensures us that the Mooi Bly team: owners, managers, foremen and labourers all feel proud about our products!


A minimum intervention philosophy is followed in the cellar. Due to a high quality fruit we create wines made by the grapes themselves. Only the best bunches end up in our press, therefore we have a second selection in the cellar after the grapes are picked. The grapes are kept cold during the whole working process to distract maximum flavors and aromas. In our cellar back again we work eco-friendly, no harmful chemicals are used for cleaning and our waste water is kept to standards.

our whites & rosé

Chenin Blanc 
harvest 2022  
13.5% Alcohol
harvested 19/02/2022  
bottled 08/07/2022  
screwcap (cream)
2367 bottles


harvest 2021  
13% Alcohol
harvested 09/02/2021
bottled 08/07/2022
screwcap (cream)
1298 bottles
1/3 for 3 months on oak 


Dry Chenin Rosé  
harvest 2021  
12.5 % Alcohol
harvested 20/02/2019
bottled 13/07/2021
screwcap (silver)
1886 bottles
briefly aged in red wine barrels , crisp & red berry touch, mineral chenin character. 

our reds

Cabernet Sauvignon 
harvest 2019
14.0% Alcohol
harvested 11/03/2019
bottled 12/06/2020
screwcap (black)
few bottles left
14 months on 2nd fill french oak, fresh cherries


harvest 2021
14.5 % Alcohol
harvested 14/02/2021
bottled 08/07/2022
screwcap (black)
3246 bottles
14 months on 2nd fill french oak, dark red fruit 


harvest 2018 
12.5 % Alcohol
harvested 04/03/2018 
bottled 2022 
diam cork, wax (black) 
603 bottles
16 months on new  french oak
intens red color


harvest 2017
13 % Alcohol
harvested 06/03/2017
bottled 22/06/2019
Diam cork, wax (black)
few bottles left
16 months on new french oak
herbal spiciness



mooi bly farm
Kleinbosch road
7646 Paarl
South Africa
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0027 82 3712299

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